After Sales

Maintenance Support Team:

Our team is consisted of a number of skilled craftsmen who are on standby in the event of the unexpected. With great care these skilled professionals will apart from servicing your air-conditioning and central heating immediately respond to any unforeseen problems. The team is consisted of painters, builders, plumbers, carpenters and electricians and they are ready not only to solve any minor mishaps which may occur but also to refresh or refurbish your home.

Pool Maintenance:

Our Pool team is there to make sure that whenever you decide to turn up and take a dip, you can no matter the time or day. It is our job to make sure that your pool water is crystal clear and hygienically safe all year round.

Garden Maintenance:

Outside area with no doubt needs the most care and attention. We have employed a well trained and equipped gardening team for providing to our clients with the best possible professional service. Our gardeners will suggest improvements (if necessary), whilst looking after and maintaining your garden on a weekly basis. Service offered all year round.

Cleaning Service:

A team of Cleaners can clean your home on a regular basis, weekly / every fortnight / monthly or prior to your arrival and /or just after your departure. Our Cleaning service also includes any laundry and or ironing that you may require.

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