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The third largest island in the world, known for its lively nightlife and close ties to the U.K. , Cyprus is a popular destination for holidaymakers and retirees alike.


Cyprus is nicknamed the “Island Of Love” and many tourists (more than 3 times the local population) flock there throughout the year enjoying sun, fun and the occasional romantic encounter.


Boasting more than 340 days of sunshine a year, the climate is as warm and as welcoming as the people.  In March you can ski on the slopes of Troodos Mountain in the morning, and swim in the Mediterranean sea in the afternoon.


Cyprus is not only appealing to holidaymakers but also to those looking for a nice place to retire to.  Many settle on the island secure in the knowledge that the country has very little crime, a favourable taxation, and a first-class healthcare system.


Although a Greek speaking island, over 75% of the population speak English as a result of its having been a British colony.  British expatriates are helped to settle into their new homes quickly with the help of English road signs, and the fact that like the U.K., Cyprus drives on the left.


Buying a home in Cyprus is cheaper than buying in e.x. Spain or France, and can be a very lucrative investment.  The island has always been a popular location with British buyers, especially retirees, and almost 30,000 of them own houses here, a further 10,000 choose to rent properties.


The country has become a healthier market for investors over the years, having experienced a property boom when joining the European Union.  Cyprus signed its accession treaty in April 2003, and became a full EU member in May 2004.  The market stabilized a little at the end of 2004, which was followed by a thriving property increase until 2008.  Since then, Cyprus, like the rest of the world, has been hit with an economic crisis, which has led to many properties to extremely low prices, waiting for “bargain hunters” to collect !!!


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