Off Plan Investments

Buying off plan property has provided many people with an excellent means of investing in property overseas. It is general practice with off plan properties to pay a small amount of the purchase price up-front, as a deposit, before the beginning of construction, and  paying  the rest in stages as  the building is erected.

Buying off plan property means reserving a property on a new development when it is still at the planning stage. Prices are normally extremely competitive at this early stage, so off plan property investment is a good idea if you're interested in increasing your capital in the short term, while minimizing the amount of money needed to make a bricks and mortar purchase initially. An off plan property investment is a great way of buying a place for the future without having to pay a large amount of money at the outset. It has great benefits to the buyer. The buyer gets a bargain property at a discounted price, which can later be sold for profit on completion, or even before completion.

In this way off plan property investments allow you to maximize your investment returns in a short space of time without having to put down a large sum of money in the short term.. One of the reasons why off plan property investments have been so successful is because maintenance is low while rental income is high - usually more than enough to cover the 70% mortgage you will need.

When purchasing an off plan property in it's not just the prospect of providing buyers with a dream home or a high quality home but it's also giving you the choice to style your property the way you ‘ve dreamed it.

Off plan properties can bring you a great financial reward, but it's important to take the correct advice from professionals. Our team is always willing to discuss with  you, your  off plan investment requirements and help you to make the correct property investment.


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